Automate your document generation and save time, reduce risk, and earn more money

Make Legal Docs is like adding another legal assistant to your practice. Use your bespoke Legal precedents and exemplars efficiently.

Make Legal Docs is meant for attorneys to improve their document generation. Any document created by Make Legal Docs is not legal advice, or the practice of law, but is a document that should be prepared by an attorney or carefully reviewed by an attorney.

legal assistant using a computer to enter data

Consistently and easily generating the documents is the key part of any law practice

As an attorney I was looking for a way to make legal documents that worked worked with Windows, Mac, Linux, and even my iPad. Can you imagine being on vacation with your iPad and quickly generating a probate document?
I wanted to save time and money and desired a legal document assembly solution that would help my law practice. After spending years to create my best legal documents for parts of my practice it was time to put my exemplars and templates to work for me.
Your law practice will improve because Make Legal Docs will save you time, money,and help your law practice become more profitable.

Create, Manage, Re-Use

perfect for law offices of all sizes - sole practitioners and firms

legal staff creating new legal templates

(1) create a template

Take an existing, reviewed document and turn it into a template in just minutes.

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(2) manage templates

Store your documents and client matter information in our secure online platform.

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(3) re-use your templates.

Start a new client matter and instantly retrieve and re-use an existing template.


Quickly Generate Consistent Legal Documents From Your Templates and Exemplars

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Probate Documents

Estate Plans



Deeds, Cease and Desist Letters

Welcome Letters

Start with a document you already have one that is part of your practice

Start with Your Existing Documents and Create Your Template in Minutes

What is a Document Template?

Make Legal Docs can use your existing attorney-created and reviewed documents as a template, no matter how you created them. Simply take one of your current legal documents and replace the client information with generic "data fields" to create a master document with "data fields". Making a document template takes just minutes.

Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android

Organize Your Document Templates with Categories and Data Fields


Use Categories as your filing system for your document templates. As an attorney, you may have categories for Estates, Probate, Divorce, and more. With Make Legal Docs, you can easily add new categories, such as Adoptions, Deeds, General Letters, and Real Estate, to streamline your workflow.


Data Fields are the find and replace merge codes on your document template. With Make Legal Docs, you can easily add and modify data fields, such as "{[ClientName]}" or "{[Address]}", to customize your templates. We also save the data so you can update or modify it at any time.

Manage Your Clients and Matters with Ease


Add new clients to Make Legal Docs to keep track of basic details, such as their name and contact information. For example, if you are working on an estate plan for a husband and wife, they would be added as clients.


Matters are the items you work on for clients, such as estate plans or probate. After creating a client, the next step is to add one or several matters to a client. Matters come from the categories and have document templates. For example, an estate plan matter may have a living will and health care surrogate document template, making it easy to re-use information in the database.

saving time and money with document automation software


What they are saying about us

I watch my staff generate consistent estate, probate, and even patent response to office actions in just minutes. The key is these are exemplars I created - I know they are correct and accurate.

John N., Esq.


In 20 minutes I closed out my first probate using Make Legal Docs to automatically create 9 legal documents; probate documents I had never seen before. It is takes minutes to learn and use.

Nicole P.

Legal Assistant

I was looking for an easy-to-use software program that I could learn quickly. Make Legal Docs saves me time and I do not make mistakes. I love that I can see a list of templates and add more whenever needed.

Dee R.


John and I had wanted to program that would save time and be easy to use. He built it! I have been able to grow my practice because it just works! I add new templates whenever I need them.

David H., Esq.